Uber reports billions in losses. With a driverless future far away, will investors balk?
Deseretnews.com - Sun 11 Aug 22:47 GMT

Ride-sharing companies and their investors are banking on the advent of driverless cars to make their business models work. Experts have become increasingly wary of when the technology will be able to truly hit the roads in force.

  Or at least, that's the promise implicitly made by companies like Uber and Lyft.

  Uber pointed to the same risk factor if they fail to “successfully commercialize autonomous vehicle technologies.”

  Faith in Uber and Lyft’s ability to become profitable does not rest on the current mode of doing business, though.

  But in the new business model of the digital age, the thing a company is currently making, creating or selling is not always the thing they are pitching to investors — and in this case, driverless vehicles are the real promise.

  Over 60 companies have been given permits in California to test autonomous vehicles.

  Last year an Uber autonomous vehicle killed a woman crossing the street in Arizona.

  But if investors are patient with Uber and Lyft and place the kind of faith in them that the markets placed in Jeff Bezos more than 20 years ago, they may yet see a return.