Trump: 5G will 'transform' US lives, especially in rural America - Sun 14 Apr 18:30 GMT

Rural communities where internet access lags behind current technology are about to get a huge boost.

Trump: 5G will 'transform' US lives, especially in rural America

  “No matter where you are, you’ll have access very quickly to 5G,” Trump said, noting estimates that the new standard could be 100 times faster than existing networks.

  Trump touted American success in developing the new wireless networks, which have become the latest arena of competition between Western powers and China.

  “As we are making great progress with 5G, we’re also focused on rural communities that do not have access to broadband at all,” he said.

  Verizon launched the first American 5G networks last week in Minneapolis and Chicago, but Trump observed that U.S. companies are expected to deploy 5G in 90 more markets "by the end of this year."

  The president stressed that the American 5G networks will be “private-sector driven and private-sector led” but touted government “incentives” to encourage U.S. companies to sprint into the 5G era before China does.