The car that wants to make you happier - Tue 16 Jul 11:08 GMT

Jaguar Land Rover is looking to use AI technology to monitor your mood behind the wheel.

  Jaguar Land Rover is developing new AI technology to better understand changes in the driver’s mood while behind the wheel We all have bad days and driving when grumpy is never the best of ideas, so what if your car could recognise this and make things a little better for you?

  Jaguar Land Rover is looking onto just that with its latest research into new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that looks to understand the driver's state of mind while driving – and then adjust cabin settings to make improvements in driver wellbeing.

  Citing reports suggest that 74 per cent of drivers admit to feeling stressed or overwhelmed every day, the company says the mood-detection system will use the latest AI techniques to continually adapt to nuances in the driver's facial expressions and change the appropriate cabin settings automatically.

  The technology uses a driver-facing camera and biometric sensing to monitor and evaluate the driver's mood, altering settings in response to the driver's facial expressions to help tackle stress.

  READ MORE: * Land Rover trials mobility access system for disabled drivers * Future Jaguars could stop motion sickness before it starts * Electric Jaguars to be made in UK JLR claims that in time the system will even learn a driver's preference and make increasingly tailored adjustments.

  Personalisation settings could include changing the ambient lighting to calming colours if the system detects the driver is under stress, selecting a favourite playlist if signs of weariness are identified, and lowering the temperature in response to yawning or other signs of tiring.

  "As we move towards a self-driving future, the emphasis for us remains as much on the driver as it ever has," said Dr Steve Iley, Jaguar Land Rover Chief Medical Officer.