Specialized's Turbo Creo SL is a marvel of technology, with a price tag to match
Cyclingtips.com - Tue 16 Jul 07:37 GMT

Specialized has unquestionably upped the ante with the Turbo Creo SL. The question, however, is who can afford to sit at the table?

  Say hello to the Turbo Creo SL, Specialized’s new line of high-performance electric bikes, a marvel of technology three years in the making.

  A limited-run S-Works Turbo Creo SL Founder’s Edition, which can be trimmed down to 10.9kg (24 pounds) with an external battery, retails for an astronomical US$17,000.

  While developing the Turbo Creo SL — and trying to nail the right combination of power, weight, size, range, ride quality, and efficiency — Specialized says they started from scratch, and put in over 3,000 test hours, or about 12 times the amount of field testing typically involved before a new model goes into production.

  While Turbo is the brand’s signifier for all of its e-bikes, SL is the name for the new system — the SL 1.1 motor and the SL1-320 battery.

  THE MOTOR At the heart of the Turbo Creo SL is a totally redesigned motor, the SL 1.1, which amplifies rider power up to 240 watts and 35Nm of both peak and sustained power up to 28mph (45 km/h).

  The SL 1.1 motor, internal SL1-320 battery, the external Range Extender battery, and the top-tube mounted Turbo Connect Unit together comprise the Turbo SL system.

  Those who wish to fly with a Turbo Creo SL can have a Specialized dealer remove the internal battery, take one or more Range Extenders in their carry-on bags, and ride at their new location using only the Range Extenders.