Singapore fintech startup Helicap acquires securities firm Arcor Capital - Thu 8 Aug 11:23 GMT

Helicap, a Singapore-based financial technology (fintech)startup, has acquired securities firm Arcor Capital for an undisclosed sum.

  Helicap, a Singapore-based fintech startup, has acquired securities firm Arcor Capital for an undisclosed sum, according to an announcement.

  Arcor Capital will join sister company Helicap Investments under the Helicap Group.

  Helicap Investments is the group’s newly obtained fund management subsidiary, which will launch its first fund with a target AUM of S$200 million to invest in a portfolio of loans selected from alternative lending platforms operating in Asia.

  Helicap Group will use Arcor Capital and Helicap Investments to raise S$250 million in capital from accredited investors.

  “Helicap’s acquisition of Arcor Capital is a landmark moment for our 18-month startup,” said David Z. Wang, co-founder and CEO of Helicap.

  “The acquisition, together with Helicap Investments successfully obtaining registered fund management company status, enhances the group’s leading position in the alternative lending market and enables us to immediately ramp up our engagement with sophisticated investors via debt securities fundraising and credit fund management,” he added.

  Established in Singapore, Helicap is a fintech platform specialising in the alternative lending market in Southeast Asia and Australia.