Silicon Valley billionaire Thomas Siebel: 'AI has triggered a corporate extinction event'
The Telegraph - Sun 21 Jul 13:02 GMT

Silicon Valley can be a brutally competitive place, but there aren’t many technology executives who can say they have stared death straight in the face.

  It was almost exactly a decade ago and dawn was breaking over the Serengeti when Thomas Siebel, the billionaire American founder of software companies Siebel Systems and C3, was trampled by an elephant.

  Now aged 66, at the time Siebel had recently sold a business for $5.8bn to his former boss, Oracle founder Larry Ellison, and was taking time out for a walking safari in Tanzania with his wife and two daughters.

  When they startled a herd of 15 wild elephants near a watering hole, Siebel was dismayed to watch as a 6-tonne female turned and charged....