Sian hypercar kicks off hybrid future for Lamborghini - Sat 7 Sep 11:33 GMT

Limited-edition model saves the brand’s V12 with supercapacitor technology.

  This is the Lamborghini Sian, a limited-edition model that will make its world debut at next week’s Frankfurt motor show.

  Largely based on today’s Aventador, the Sian comes with an exclusive body work featuring several distinctive design details on the front, rear and sides of the car.

  The Sian’s interior also gets a slightly different theme, although some elements like the steering wheel and dashboard structure is shared with the Aventador.

  Lamborghini freely says the technology appearing in the Sian is previewing the future for the brand’s V12 to be used in the all-new replacement of the Aventador due in around two years.

  Although the Aventador (and Sian) uses a single-clutch automatic gearbox, top engineers once told us that the replacement will get the smoother twin-clutcher apart from a hybrid V12 to reduce emissions and increase performance at the same.

  The Sian has taken the Aventador SVJ’s 6.5-litre V12 and pumped its power up from 770hp to 785hp thanks to the use of titanium intake valves.

  Lamborghini stresses that the Sian has better mid-range punch as well but  has yet to reveal the gains in efficiency.