Royal revolutionaries, digital disrupters
BBC News - Sat 10 Aug 03:35 GMT

RBS has emerged as one of the top adopters of new technology as bank bosses continue to look to Scottish know-how.

  RBS is one of several banks to have pushed jobs out of London, and Scotland has been a big gainer with useful bank office functions.

  The amended deal with the European Commission on the price to be paid for state aid (splitting off the division known as Williams Glyn was an expensive failure) is to give money to an independent fund, which will hand tranches of it to challenger banks, so they can poach big banks' customers.

  McEwan proudly cites a recent worldwide analysis that put RBS into the top eight large banks for adopting new technology, suggesting it's not what you would expect of a bank facing the difficulties that have recently beset RBS.

  The big banks, and even RBS, may yet out-manoeuvre and outlive the fintech upstarts.