If Amazon is really working on a robot for the home, it's going to take on a challenge that caused at least 3 startups to fail (AMZN)
Pulse.ng - Sun 21 Jul 19:12 GMT

Amazon's next big push into the smart home technology space could be a personal robot, as reports from Bloomberg have indicated.

  Amazon's reported ambitions in the home robot field would come after multiple companies have tried and failed to get the technology to take off in the past year, three personal-robotics startups all failed.

  Amazon could be the next major tech company attempting to change this by bringing robots into the home, according to Bloomberg.

  If Amazon does debut a home robot, it would come after numerous startups have done so and failed.

  The companies behind Jibo and Kuri, two other home robots that caught media attention for their bubbly, almost human-like personalities, also shut down over the past year.

  Large firms such as Samsung , LG , and Asus have all announced home robots in recent years, many of which are usually draw much attention at the Consumer Electronics Show that takes place in Las Vegas each January.

  But developing a home robot will be a challenge even for Amazon, one of the world's most valuable brands, for one important reason: People may not have a reason to want it.

  Part of the problem is that robots like Kuri and Jibo didn't offer much more functionality than the devices we already have in our homes devices like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, smart home security cameras, and our smartphones already help feed us information and perform common tasks, with more flexibility and a lower price than any home robot.