Hyundai 45 Concept reveals design direction for future EVs - Tue 10 Sep 08:04 GMT

Clean-lined prototype makes extensive use of LED technology, takes inspiration from 1970s concept

  Hyundai is previewing its design future by looking to the past with the all-electric 45 concept unveiled at Frankfurt.

  The 45 is named after the number of years since the Korean maker’s first production car, the Pony, was previewed with a sleek Coupé concept designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

  The 45 takes design inspiration from that car, too, with clean lines said to be inspired by 1920s aircraft.

  Hyundai design chief Sangyup Lee said that “the typology is taken from the 1974 concept – it’s simple, and pure.”

  The decision to drawing on the work of 45 years ago is that Hyundai considers the production version of this concept to be the first of a new era of dedicated electric vehicles from the company.

  “The 45 signifies a new beginning, so we looked at the beginning of our company,” said interior design chief Hak Soo Ha.

  The 45’s crisp modernising of Giugiaro design has produced a look “tight corners and short overhangs” that will be part of a suite of Hyundai design styles, with the brand planning to develop more distinctive designs for each of its models.