British Airways: what BA needs to do to turnaround its performance - Mon 12 Aug 17:41 GMT

Multiple reports of a lack of meaningful information about the delays and cancellations for stranded passengers suggest the situation was not handled as well as it could have been.

  British Airways has angered passengers again with cancelled flights and risks lowering its approval rating further.

  Big plans for improving reputation need to be implemented or the airline risks losing potential passengers.

  A middling reputation has been part of the downfall for many airline failures in recent years including Monarch and Air Berlin.

  Just two days before this latest incident, passengers on British Airways flight BA422 travelling from London to Valencia had to exit the plane by emergency escape chutes and wait three hours to be reunited with their luggage after the cabin filled with smoke.

  Obviously technical issues are out of the control of the specific airline staff, but more communication may have lessened passengers’ worries.

  British Airways has had the benefit of trading on its very good reputation – it was even voted the world’s best in 2006 – but its decline in customer service has not gone unnoticed.

  With economy passengers receiving only a slightly better service than on easyJet or Ryanair, BA’s long-standing reputation will soon not be enough to deter passengers from opting for the no-frills champions instead.