Bosch wants to give your car’s instrument cluster a full 3D makeover - Mon 12 Aug 12:39 GMT

Bosch is working on integrating passive 3D technology into your car's dashboard. The company's research shows drivers view and interpret information much faster when it's presented in 3D. There are no firm plans to bring the technology to production yet, but …

  The feature relies on passive 3D technology, so the driver can see messages and icons in three dimensions without wearing glasses, or using eye-tracking technology.

  Passive 3D technology essentially blends two frames into one, and it was often used by television manufacturers until they stopped supporting 3D, so it needs to be fine-tuned before it’s put in a car, not created on a completely blank slate.

  This makes Bosch’s vision of a 3D instrument cluster much more realistic, and considerably closer to production than it might sound.

  Bosch’s research shows drivers view and interpret crucial information faster when it’s presented in 3D than when it’s shown on a conventional screen.

  Motorists have a more accurate view of what’s behind them if their car’s rear-view camera provides 3D footage, for example.

  And, looking further ahead, 3D graphics could tell the driver of a semi-autonomous car to take the wheel.

  Some cars already use 3D technology.