Amazon to retrain a third of its US workforce
Fox News - Thu 11 Jul 18:54 GMT Inc. plans to spend $700 million to retrain a third of its U.S. workforce, as technology threatens to upend the way many of its employees do their jobs.

  The company announced Thursday that it will retrain 100,000 workers by 2025 by expanding existing training programs and rolling out new ones meant to help its employees move into more advanced jobs inside the company or find new careers outside of it.

  At a time of historically low unemployment, coupled with rapid digital transformation that requires high-tech job skills, more U.S. companies want to help existing employees transition to new roles.

  Amazon, like many corporations, has struggled to find an adequate number of technical employees, and the company is confident that more of its jobs will include a technical component in the future, Mr. Wilke said.

  Amazon has been criticized for its treatment of workers in recent years from labor groups and lawmakers such as independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, who in March tweeted that the company must “significantly improve working conditions at its warehouses” and respect workers’ rights to form a union.

  Some of the programs offered by Amazon include more advanced training, such as its Machine Learning University, which will be open to thousands of software engineers with computer-science backgrounds to take graduate-level machine-learning skills courses without going back to college.

  The training programs could help Amazon workers find jobs in different industries, the company said.

  Those who have studied training efforts say that reskilling can boost employee morale and keep workers from leaving a company.