Amazon Expands in the Transportation Industry - Mon 12 Aug 06:04 GMT

The technology company Amazon has been pushing to expand its business into transportation but making alliances with carmakers. It is also developing its own transportation-linked technologies and services to sell, send and service products.

  Technology company Amazon is expanding its investments in transportation, a move that could bring it in competition with some of its business partners.

  Businesses such as Amazon Web Services and Fulfillment by Amazon started as efforts to cut costs and improve customer service.

  However, some experts say companies working closely with Amazon risk losing business to the online seller as its transportation-related business grows.

  He said some corporate customers of Amazon “should be very scared” of the company’s move to provide services linked to cars.

  The news service found that at least 210 of Amazon’s patents are for transportation-related technologies such as drones and driverless ground vehicles.

  Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant service, is part of the company’s push to get inside cars.