5G will soon change your life. But first, you'll have to find it
CNN - Fri 9 Aug 12:26 GMT

Self-driving cars. Robotic surgeries. Toothbrushes that detect when you're sick. This is the future 5G technology promises in less than a decade's time. But AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile have a long way to go before they deliver on that promise.

  This is the future 5G technology promises in less than a decade's time ; internet connections so fast they'll support an entirely new way of life.

  This was my experience testing the newly launched Verizon 5G network in Chicago last month.

  5G, the fifth generation of cellular network technology, is nearly 30 times faster — and about 10 times faster than the average American home broadband speed.

  Verizon was my first experience with 5G: I've since tested the networks for Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T, CNN's parent company.

  I also tried Sprint, which uses a lower frequency for its 5G network, in Chicago.

  All four major US mobile carriers declined to share how many people are currently using their 5G networks, but said they're continually adding new customers.

  The carrier's 5G network wasn't the fastest — it took me longer to download "Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse" on T-Mobile than any other network (about 38 seconds) — but my reaction reminded me how quickly we judge new technologies.