29 year-old retiring on $44m has a message for young bankers
Efinancialcareers.com - Mon 9 Sep 09:48 GMT

You don't have to work in finance or technology to retire young.

  In an investment banking division (IBD), combined salaries and bonuses for first year analysts in London are around £88k ($108k), rising to £125k ($153k) over three years.

  In the National Football League (NFL), first year guaranteed salaries are already $285k.

  The New York Times looks at the case of Andrew Luck, the 29 year-old who was the star quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, and who retired unexpectedly last month.

  When he stopped enjoying football, when his body stopped being able to withstand the assault, he quit - and left $58m in the final two years of his contract on the table.

  The Financial Times reports that Konstantin Vishnyak, a 41 year-old who traded loans for eight years at VTB Capital in London, stands accused of deleting Whatsapp messages that the UK Financial Conduct Authority says were relevant to an insider trading investigation.

  The case follows recent claims that the dismissal of Tim Howarth, head of financial services consulting at KPMG, related to Whatsapp messages he sent to colleagues.

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